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Online Marketing for Energy Service Providers

A hunger for information about energy needs and energy services creates particular challenges for utilities, energy suppliers and ESCOs. With so many consumers, researchers and B2B customers looking for information, reaching the right audience within a defined budget requires a sophisticated online marketing strategy.

C-4 Analytics utilizes cutting-edge search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) tactics that are based on enterprise-class analytics that attract targeted, high-conversion traffic. We cut through the online clutter by targeting the search terms that your knowledgeable prospects, customers and stakeholders are using, locating traffic that your competitors miss.

We then grow your online exposure with top-quality content that speaks to your visitors. Our brand management and public relations capabilities deliver optimized and relevant content in the form of social media, blogs, press releases, microsites and news articles that create goodwill, promote thought leadership and drive qualified leads to your site.

C-4 Analytics recognizes that budgets are limited and ROI matters, so we meticulously track site, customer and visitor data to determine the precise return for every dollar spent on online campaigns and pay per click.

Effectively Expand Your Grid

We also bring a personal knowledge of the various sectors in the energy industry and the regulatory and marketing challenges that affect each one, allowing us to engage customers on a higher level than other online marketing companies.

If you're ready to see meaningful, measurable results from your company's online and social media properties, learn more about the search marketing services available from C-4 Analytics.

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